The Journal of Building Performance Simulation is the official journal of IBPSA. In addition to publishing this journal, IBPSA makes available PDF versions of all papers and proceedings from its international and regional conferences. Futhermore, IBPSA publishes a newletter named ibpsaNEWS, which appears twice per year. IBPSA also endorses books in the area of building performance simulation. Use the links below to access a specific resource or collection, or click to search the IBPSA Publications site.

Journal of Building Performance Simulation

The Journal aims to make a substantial and lasting contribution to the international building community by supporting our authors and the high-quality, original research they submit. The journal also offers a forum for original review papers and researched case studies

Building Simulation Conference

Materials from the biennial IBPSA Building Simulation Conference and Exhibition

Regional Conferences

Papers and presentations from the conference series proceedings of IBPSA’s regional affiliates.

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IBPSA endorses books that are relevant to the domain of building performance simulation:

Fundamentals of Building Performance Simulation

By Ian Beausoleil-Morrison

1st edition, 2021


Fundamentals of Building Performance Simulation pares the theory and practice of a multi-disciplinary field to the essentials for classroom learning and real-world applications. Authored by a veteran educator and researcher, this textbook equips graduate students and emerging and established professionals in engineering and architecture to predict and optimize buildings’ energy use.

Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation

Edited By Jan L.M. Hensen, Roberto Lamberts

2nd edition, 2019


When used appropriately, building performance simulation has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of the built environment, to improve indoor quality and productivity, as well as to facilitate future innovation and technological progress in construction. This book provides a unique and comprehensive overview of building performance simulation for the complete building life-cycle from conception to demolition, and from a single building to district level.

Building Performance Analysis

By Pieter de Wilde

1st edition, 2018


This book presents a comprehensive and systematic overview of the concept of building performance. It explores the role of building performance throughout the building life cycle, as well as the perspectives of various stakeholders, the functions of buildings, performance requirements, performance quantification (both predicted and measured), criteria for success, and the challenges of using performance analysis in practice.