IBPSA has three categories of membership:

  • Individual Members
  • Supporting Members
  • Corporate Members

Information concerning elections can be found here.

Minutes from past Annual General Meetings can be found here.

Individual Members

Individual membership of IBPSA is achieved through joining a regional affiliate. All individual members of any IBPSA regional affiliate are automatically members of the IBPSA central organization, IBPSA World.

In addition to being able to participate in regional activities, IBPSA individual members benefit from a reduction in the biennial conference fees, and members are entitled to subscribe to a print version of IBPSA’s research Journal, “The Journal of Building Performance Simulation” (JBPS). The special subscription rate to JBPS is USD 64/£34/EUR 42. Members should contact +44 (0)20 7017 5543 or to subscribe. (Please note that subscriptions purchased at the personal rate are strictly for personal, non-commercial use only.)

Supporting Members

Supporting Members and Student Supporting Members are grades of membership that offer the opportunity to concretely support IBPSA and to receive several benefits: a print subscription to the Journal of Building Performance Simulation, online access to the Journal, and the right to use the IBPSA Supporting Member logo.

For 2019, Supporting Membership dues are set at $120/year and Student Supporting Membership is $80/year. Dues may be paid via credit card or PayPal here (link to IBPSA’s membership management system).

For 2023, Supporting Membership dues are set at $120/year (including subscription to JBPS); or $70/year (without subscription to JBPS) and Student Supporting Membership is $80/year (including subscription to JBPS) or $30/year (without subscription to JBPS).

Dues may be paid via credit card or PayPal here.

Corporate Members

Corporate members are companies or organizations that have an interest in the research, development, or application of building performance simulation.

Corporate members of IBPSA have the benefit of:

  • The company (or organization) logo on the IBPSA website (, with a link to the company’s own website.
  • The company logo, contact information, and a half-page advertisement in the IBPSA newsletter, this being published twice a year and distributed to the 5,000 members worldwide. The newsletter is also freely available on the IBPSA central website.

There are two categories of Corporate membership, standard and gold. Fees for standard corporate membership are set at US$750 per annum. Gold corporate membership is available at a rate of US$5,000 per annum. Gold corporate members have the benefit of the company logo and contact details being placed in a prominent position on the IBPSA website; Gold corporate members are also offered a full-page rather than half-page advertisement in the IBPSA newsletter. Free corporate membership may also be granted to sponsors of the biennial conference.

Corporate Memberships may be paid via credit card or PayPal here.