IBPSA Education Seminar Series 2023

Urban scale building energy simulation models are emerging as powerful tools for cities and regions seeking to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of their buildings. In this seminar series, leading researchers working on large scale models will discuss the concepts, challenges and state of the art.

The series will begin with a presentation by Dr Yu Qian Ang of MIT who will introduce the concepts and explore the different use cases for urban scale models.

Professor Rajan Rawal of CEPT University will discuss the application of large scale models to rapidly developing cities in the global South, focusing on the challenges and lessons learned in developing a model of the city of Ahmedabad.

Shyam Amrith of UCL will give a presentation on the use of urban scale models for decision making, looking at how optimisation can be applied beyond individual building applications.

Dr Aysha Demir of Wyoming University will present on calibration of urban scale models, looking specifically at the impact of spatio-temporal resolution.

In the final webinar of 2023, Dr Tianzhen Hong of La‰rence Berk;ley National Laboratory will discuss the way ahead, looking at opportunities and challenges for urban scale models.


30 March 2023 14.00 UTC Use cases for urban scale building energy simulation Dr Yu Qian Ang Register at https://bit.ly/IBPSA_webinar_Mar23

17 May 2023 09.00 UTC Developing an Urban Building Energy Model for Ahmedabad – key challenges and lessons learned Prof Rajan Rawal Register at https://bit.ly/IBPSA_webinar_May23

03 July 2023 11.00 UTC The use of urban scale simulation in stock level retrofit decision making Shyam Amrith Register at https://bit.ly/IBPSA_webinar_Jul23

20 September 2023 16.00 UTC The impact of spatio-temporal resolution on calibration of urban energy models Dr Aysha Demir Register at https://bit.ly/IBPSA_webinar_Sep23

14 November 2023 17.00 UTC Urban Scale Building Modeling: Opportunities and Challenges Dr Tianzhen Hong Register at https://bit.ly/IBPSA_webinar_Nov23

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