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IBPSA BS2023 Keynote 5

Nexus of building decarbonization: sufficiency, energy efficiency, demand flexibility and climate resiliency

Presenter(s): Tianzhen Hong

September 2023

IBPSA BS2023 Keynote 4

Regional and Global Overheating and its Impact on Human Beings

Presenter(s): Mattheos Santamouris

September 2023

IBPSA BS2023 Keynote 3

Building Performance Simulation: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World

Presenter(s): Lori McElroy

September 2023

IBPSA BS2023 Keynote 2

Simulations of Airborne Disease Transmissions in Enclosed Environments 

Presenter(s): Qingyan Chen

September 2023

IBPSA BS2023 Keynote 1

From Cities to Buildings: Digital Tracking for Carbon Neutrality

Presenter(s): Zhiqiang Wu

September 2023

IBPSA BS2021 Keynote 6

Vision of a leading global engineering company, towards transforming society together

Presenter(s): Daan Ongkowidjojo

Sept 1, 2021

IBPSA BS2021 Keynote 5

Sustainable architecture is a conscious and sound approach

Presenter(s): Nguyen Hoang Manh

September 1, 2021

IBPSA BS2021 Keynote 4

Thoughts of leading Industry in the heart of the energy transition

Presenter(s): Leonie Assheuer

September 1, 2021

IBPSA BS2021 Keynote 2

Climate Change, European Green Deal

Presenter(s): Jos Delbeke

September 1, 2021

IBPSA BS2021 Keynote 1

Thoughts of leading Industry

Presenter(s): Martin Dieryckx

September 1, 2021

Building Simulation 2017

The Value of Energy Modeling to Owners and Architects

Presenter(s): Anica Landreneau

August 2017

Building Simulation 2017

The Challenge of Simulating Airflow in Buildings: Lessons from Oceanography to Aerospace

Presenter(s): Paul Linden

August 2017

Building Simulation and Optimization 2016

Episode-1: ‘The world needs building simulation : Are we ready?’

Presenter(s): Ian Beausoleil-Morrison

Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016, 15h00 UTC